Contrary to popular myth, this credit is not limited to companies in the high-tech, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. In recent years, there has been significant clarification to the SR&ED tax code which establishes more lenient interpretation of what qualifies. Today, the SR&ED Tax Credit can apply to a variety of areas including manufacturing, engineering, automation and controls, metal fabrication, machining, food manufacturing and information technology.

Does your company...

  • manufacture products?
  • develop new, improved or more reliable products/processes/formulas?
  • develop prototypes and models including computer generated models?
  • design tools, jigs, molds and dies?
  • develop or apply for patents?
  • conduct testing of new concepts and technology?
  • develop new technology?
  • attempt using new materials?
  • add new equipment?
  • develop or improve production/manufacturing process?
  • develop software or hardware?
  • automate/streamline internal processes?

If your company involved in any of the above mentioned activities, you may be eligible for SR&ED Tax Credit.

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