our approach

Our Approach

Reliance Consulting uses extensive industry experience and a formalized methodology to identify and substantiate qualified R&D costs throughout your company.

Phase I Assessment and Feasibility
The purpose of Phase I is to determine whether your company qualifies and is therefore entitled to SR&ED Tax Credit. During this phase, we conduct preliminary interviews to identify projects, departments, processes, technologies where potential qualifying R&D expenditures may be found. Based on this information, we determine the potential tax savings and future benefits of conducting SR&ED Tax Credit Claim.

Phase II Documentation
This phase involves the thorough analysis and documentation of technical issues related to qualified SR&ED projects and activities. Reliance Consulting identifies and documents the SR&ED activities and related spending. This phase is generally performed at your location and will include the interviewing of additional personnel.

Phase III Reporting
This phase includes the submission of the SR&ED Study for client's review. It also serves as documentation for the company to support their claims for the R&D Tax Credit. The preparation of the required amended tax returns is completed during this phase by the accountant with assistance from Reliance Consulting.

Phase IV Claim Submission
Reliance Consulting coordinates with your accounting firm to submit the SR&ED claim along with the tax return and perform timely follow up with CRA to ensure that claim is processed on time.

Phase V Review Support
Reliance Consulting provides support during CRA reviews through onsite consultation and performs subsequent follows to ensure that SR&ED claim is approved in a timely manner.

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