The Reliance Advantage

Experience: We have over 10 years of experience in preparing SR&ED Tax Credit Claims for various Manufacturing, Automotive, Automation and Controls, Tool & Die, Metal Fabrication, Mining, Telecommunication, Food and IT industries.

Real Time Claim Preparation: We work with our clients to capture the SR&ED activities in real time through frequent consultant-client interaction. We work with our clients to prepare CRA acceptable project documentation through real time consulting support service.

Timely Claim Submission: Over 90% of our claims are submitted within 3 months of fiscal year ends

Smooth Processing of Claims: We provide predictable and reasonable SR&ED Tax Credit Services as per CRA mandated policies and procedures. Over 95% of claims are accepted as filed.

No Long Term Contracts: Most of the consulting firms sign up for 3-5 years contracts. We offer yearly renewable contract that provides more flexibility to our customers.

Competitive Pricing Plan: Reliance Consulting has created a pricing structure that makes it possible and affordable for small and mid-size businesses. Initially, we will assess your situation at no cost. This assessment will indicate whether it’s worth your while to do an SR&ED Tax Credit claim. Our contingency fee is charged after the claim is processed and approved.

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